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About me and my services

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I am a journalist, traveler and  hospitality management consultant. I have visited almost 70 countries. Some of them are described on this page.

I can offer you this business opportunities:

1. I support hotels in online promotion and suistanable, eco-friendly development with emphasis on healthy eating/cooking.

I can prepare a report with eco&health&comfort feedback - which will allow you to get more competitive advantages and better rating on I can take also professional pictures for you. 

The report is made from western guest point of view and his/her hospitality expectations.

2. You can also apply for Eco Friendly Certification - this will not only help you to improve your place and image among Westerners but let you to be promoted by me on this website, online Ugandan guidebook and big Polish traveling groups on FaceBook which I manage (below). This service includes meeting with the management, check up, report, then final audit.

3. I can offer wide online promotion including:

A. This WWW website and my fanpage.

B. Polish travel groups on FB:


Sample services for you:

1. Tagging your place (+ picture) in a post on those FB groups (65 USD per group per week; 130 USD per month; 260 USD lifetime)

2. An ad in the cover group photo (prices from 200 USD per month)

3. Your link in an article on my webpage (30 USD per year; 100 USD lifetime)

4. Eco & health & comfort report (prices from 230 USD)

4. Everyday story on my or your FB fanpage

5. English - Polish translation for your website


About my company in Poland: offers:

  • Facebook promotion support
  • SEO services and traninigs
  • Google Ads services and training


Bartek Zobek

WhatsApp: +48 509 299 209

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